Creative Direction, Concept, and Design for the advertising campaign of HYCIDE Magazine’s In Flux issue, exploring change and impermanence.


After a 2-year hiatus, Akintola Hanif relaunched HYCIDE magazine with a special edition titled “In Flux.” The issue explores change and impermanence across different experiences, inspired by the mental, physical, and economical transition he himself experienced after a triple stroke. The issue aims at representing an array of perspectives in classic HYCIDE fashion, but it dubs as a celebratory retrospective into Hanif’s body of work and the legacy of HYCIDE magazine. We were honored to be included in this process with our own contribution: a poster campaign to advertise the issue and the concept, design and creative direction of a short film about Akintola Hanif, filmed, edited and produced by Pixod, and executive-produced by HYCIDE.